Jet crew suspended for letting Sonu Nigam sing on a flight


Jet Airways has suspended the crew of a flight for letting Indian Singer Sonu Nigam, 42, use the public announcement system on a plane for an impromptu concert,Indian media reported today. Passengers of a chartered flight were pleasantly surprised when Sonu Nigam gave an impromptu performance on the plane’s address system recently. The flight, however, didn’t end well for the flight’s crew after the Directorate General of Civil Aviation took a strict view of the performance and asked the airline to take action.

The regulatory body pushed the airline to ground the five flight attendants who allowed the concert to go on. In a statement, Jet Airways said all cabin crew on the flight have been taken off from flight duty for enquiry and corrective training to reinforce strict adherence to operating procedure. It also added that the flight announcement system was allegedly “misused” wherein singer Sonu Nigam was allowed to sing from the plane’s address system. The in-flight concert allegedly took place on a flight from Jodhpur to Mumbai on January 4. According to reports, the passengers aboard the flight were returning from a wedding and knew each other. They requested Nigam to croon some of his hits and the singer obliged.