BAR association has suspicion for not arresting the remaining policemen involved in the Ambilipitiya incident


The Sri Lanka Bar Association raises suspicions as the policemen connected to the  Embilipitiya fatal incident are not arrested, in spite of the sufficient evidence having been presented to prove their involvement .

Bar association Secretary Attorney-at-law Ajith Pathirana said the usual procedure is to arrest the suspect when sufficient evidence has been brought forward . this is true even in the case of the victims receiving minor injuries.

Former ASP of Ambilipitiya who has been accused of the death of the youth has now been remanded until February 17. He was arrested 5 days after a Court order was issued to arrest the 21 suspects.

Other suspects have been already transferred to different police stations and are engaging in normal duties.  However there is controversy relating to whether investigators can act in this manner as arrest warrants have been issued on the suspects.

The opinion of the Bar Association is that the IGP has a direct responsibility to mete out justice to the affected party.  it is being disputed as to whether the IGP is fulfilling his responsibilities in this case.

The  Sri Lanka Bar Association Secretary Attorney-at-law Ajith Pathirana further commented on the matter.

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