Prime minister makes a statement to Indian media , 13th Amendment could be fully implemented


The Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says room will not be left to disrupt bilateral relations with India or any country , because of sri lankas relations with China.

Participating in an interview by NDTV during the World Economic Forum at Davos at Switzerland, the premier said China has already become a big investor in Sri Lanka.  He said Sri Lanka is exploring the possibility to go forward while maintaining cooperation with other countries including India.

It is no secret that India pressurized Sri Lanka to introduce the 13 Amendment to Constitution.

Prime Minister Wickremesinghe said the aim of the current government is to fully implement the 13th Amendment.  He said discussions are being held with the TNA with regard to implementation.

He further told NDTV that discussions are also going on how the independent commissions intervene in its affairs if the 13thAmendment is fully implemented.

The Premier said the government’s aim is to conduct all investigation with regard to the alleged war incidents through a local judiciary mechanism.  The government expects to coordinate with the process presented by the UN but a verdict should be given by a local court of law.

He further said the status in India and the United States is the same and, there is no exception with regard to Sri Lanka as there is an independent judiciary system established in the country

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