Kingpin Of Kidney Racket Held In India: Fresh Probe Into Kidney Transplant Racket


The Indian police have filed cases against six Sri Lankan doctors in relation to a kidney racket, on the charge of conducting paid kidney transplants in violation of ethics, The Hindu newspaper reported.

The police have identified the Sri Lankan doctors who have allegedly performed 60 transplants.

Police in Nalgonda, India arrested the kingpin in the kidney racket, Suresh Prajapathi (36), and two of his cronies, who facilitated 60 kidney transplants.

The police also arrested Prajapathi’s accomplice Dilip Umedamal Chouhan (31), who used to help conduct health tests on donors at various diagnostic Centre’s in Ahmedabad.

They also filed cases against six Sri Lankan doctors working with four different hospitals in Colombo on the charge of conducting paid kidney transplantation in violation of ethics.

Interrogation led to Prajapathi confessing that he was introduced to human organ trade by Dhawal Daruwala, a resident of Surat, in 2012.

All donors and recipients were from India and transplants took place in four Sri Lankan hospitals.

He used to charge Indian Rs.28 lakh to Indian Rs.30 lakh for a transplantation of which he kept Rs.5 lakh and paid up the remaining money to the donor, doctors and others.

The Health Ministry should act with a sense of urgency to combat organ trafficking and other assorted medical crimes in Sri Lanka, before it blemishes the image of the country.

Apart from that, a Sri Lankan Trade Union Leader is also accused of involving in this organ trafficking business.

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