Accusations against the police commissioner in Ambilipitya fatal incident


Relatives of the individual who was killed following a row with police in Embilipitiya have directed accusations toward  the police commissioner. The spouse of the deceased says that the witnesses have been coercedThe incident in question relates to the row between the police and a group of individuals attending a party that took place on the 4th of January in Embilipitiya. The row lead to the death of  29 year old Sumith Prasanna Jayewardena who fell from the top floor of the building where the party was being held.

A special meeting with regard to the incident will be held today with the police commissioner and police commission.

Secretary to the police commission, Ariyadasa Cooray noted that discussions will be held in order to decide the next step regarding the matter.

In addition, the 21 police officers who were transferred from ambilipitia following the incident have been summoned to the Human rights commission today. 

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