Obama Carries Rosary, Buddha, Monkey God, And Lucky Poker Chip In His Pocket


President Barack Obama today showed off the gift items that he says he carries in his pocket.

Obama showed the items during an interview with YouTube personality Ingrid Nilsen, today at the White House, saying they were given to him by people he has met during his political career.

“I carry these around all the time,.” he said. “I’m not that superstitious so it’s not like I think necessarily I have to have them on me at all times,” he explained. ”But it does remind me of all the different people that I’ve met along the way and how much they’ve invested in me.”

He showed Nilsen a rosary he received from Pope Francis, saying that he “admired” the pontiff. He explained that he enjoyed carrying the rosary because it helped him “think about peace and promoting
understanding and ethical behavior.”

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