KTLA Reporter Grabbed During Live Broadcast


A Los Angeles reporter had quite the scare while covering David Bowie’s death while standing in front of his star on the Walk of Fame. KTLA reporter Mary Beth McDade was giving a live report when a man in a grey hoodie approached her from behind and rushed her. The camera quickly pans towards the news van as the reporter lets out a scream.

The Daily Mail reports that Los Angeles reporter Mary Beth McDade was rushed by a man in a grey hoodie during a live news broadcast. The female reporter was standing in front of David Bowie’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame when the attack occurred. As McDade reported on the death of David Bowie, a group of people could be seen standing behind her at Bowie’s star. However, as she gives her report and says “Rick and Cher, you know, he was known for breaking down barriers, and…..”, a man in a grey hoodie quickly rushes her from behind. The camera quickly pans away as McDade can be heard letting out a loud scream in the background.