Woman beats her 70-year-old sick mother-in-law with brick, arrested


On social media, a chilling video has been put which shows a woman in Uttar Pradesh brutally beating her elderly mother-in-law.

Social activist Kundan Srivastava has shared the video on his Facebook page. In the video, he has appealed chief minister Akhilesh Yadav to take action against the woman named Sangeeta Jain.

The footage, just over a minute long, shows Sangeeta first beating her sick and helpless 70-year-old mother-in-law with bare hands and then with a brick on her head, repeatedly. She then used a cloth to make a noose around her neck in an attempt to kill her.

“I was sitting on my bed when she started hitting me with a brick. She even tried to choke me with full force”, said the old lady.

She even tries to pull the old woman down from her bed.

Sangeeta got married seven years back and a case of divorce is going on between the couple.

Police has arrested the woman.

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