Four arrested over alleged rape of 14-year old girls in Kalutara


Four suspects have been arrested for allegedly raping two 14-year old girls in the Kalutara area.

Police stated that the suspects had raped the two girls on two occasions; once in a rubber land situated in the Serupita area in Kalutara South and once more in a hotel room in Kalutara North.

Police stated that a Navy soldier is among those arrested in connection with the incident.

Through investigations carried out in this regard, police said that it was revealed that an Army soldier was also involved in the alleged
rape of the two girls, but that he has not yet been arrested.

Furthermore, two suspects who had obtained mobile phones containing footage of the girls being raped and other sexually explicit content, have also been arrested.

After being produced before courts, the suspects were placed in remand custody until the identification parade.

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