Another murder in the South


A body of a youth has been found in the Ambalangoda- Ronduwa- Malampe area yesterday.Police media spokespersons office noted that suspicion has arisen that the individual was shot and the body was disposed of at the location. 

The deceased was 24 year old, Susantha Mendis, a resident of the Ambalangoda- Kuleegoda area. According to police investigations, it has been revealed that the deceased was a friend of the former Chairman of the Rathgama pradeshiya sabha, Manoj Mendis.

Shootings of suspects in connection to the murder of former chairman Manoj Mendis was reported recently.


One such incident was the shooting that occurred in the Meetiyagoda- Thelwatta area in close proximity to the Thelwaththa Raja Maha Viharaya. However the individual targeted escaped unharmed.


Similarly another suspect who is believed to be connected to the murder of Manoj Mendis was shot at in the Meetiyagoda- Weragoda area on the 5th of January and the individual escaped unharmed.


Rathgama pradeshiya sabha chairman, Manoj Mendis was shot dead on the 23rd of March last year in the Hikkaduwa- Wewala area.

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