Police finds evidence about two skeletons found in Panadura after 9 months


Two skeletons of dead women aged 70 and 72 were found in the down stairs of a two storied house in Uyankele, Panadura in March 2015.

The Police has arrested a suspect regarding the crime after nine months from the incident.

Neighbours have seen doors of the house open for few days.

Brother of the dead who is a resident of Rakwana has reported the police about the death after he has visited the house in two years.

The Police suspected that a thief has committed the crime.

A person in Panadura area was taken into custody regarding the scene as further investigations found gold jewelry, antiques and glassware stolen by him from the dead’s house.

The suspect who is reported to be a drug addict, has been remanded several times for other offenses.

The Police reckons that the suspect has killed the women has theft the house.

However, the suspect strongly objects the accusations and claims the women were dead when he robbed the house.

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