The court orders release of video clips of Hirunikas media briefing to Colombo Crime Division


The Colombo Magistrate permitted the Colombo Crime Division yesterday to obtain video footage of the media briefing that was organized by Hirunika Premachandra following the abduction and assault of a resident from Dematagoda.

 The order was given by the magistrate after the Attorney General informed the Courts that the said video clips are necessary to conduct  the investigation.

 The Magistrate ordered TV stations to release the unedited footage to the Colombo Crime Division.

 Meanwhile eight supporters of Hirunika Premachandra have been placed in remand custody in connection with the incident until the 4th of January.

 Though the incident occurred 10 days ago, Hirunika Premachandra who was accused of being directly involved with the incident has not yet been arrested.

 A group of persons who drove a Defence Jeep belonging to Hirunika Premachandra abducted the 34 year old employee of a textile shop in Dematagoda on December 20th.

The abductee had been taken to MP premachandras office in kolonnwa where he claimed that he was threatened by Hirunika. The abductee further stated that he was also beaten by the suspects.

Police have not arrested Hirunika Premachandra despite her direct involvement in the incident. 

 Police Media Spokesman ASP Ruwan Gunasekera said that police legal advice has been sought out from the Attorney General regarding the incident.


It has by now been confirmed that the abduction was carried out using a ‘Defender’ belonging to Hirunika Premachandra.


Similarly it has come to light that the abducted person was taken to Hirunika’s office in Kolonnawa and that he was threatened by her there.


Are further evidences required with regard to Hirunika having spearheaded the abduction?

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