Court order for reacquisition of wild reservation lands in Baticalo which were forcibly acquired


The forcibly occupied lands in Poonani and Naavaladi in Batticaloa belonging to the Wildlife Department have been restored to the Forest of Conservation  Department.

That was in accordance to an order obtained from the Vaalaichchenai Magistrate Court.

These lands lying on either side of the Polonnaruwa – Batticaloa main road belonged to the department of Forest Conservation.

A certain group was engaged in  acquiring approximately 2000 twenty-perch plots across a 28-kilometre stretch from Poonaani to Naavaladi .

However with our disclosure the Koralepattuwa North Divisional Secretary had obtained an Waalaichchenai Magistrate court order for evacuating the occupants of these lands.

Subsequently the police, the police special task force and riot control unit officers arrived at the location.

On this occasion the relevant officers also removed the boundaries constructed for allocating plots.

A tension arose between the occupants of lands and the police.

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