Pregnant Woman Run Down By A Lorry


A Pregnant woman has been killed after been collided with a lorry at Nuwara Eliya, Ramboda Main road- Wedamulla area.

32 year-old woman who is a mother of one has been killed after been collided with a Lorry which was traveling towards Ramboda from Nuwara Eliya.

The woman has met with this accident while bringing meals for her husband who is serving at a shop.

The woman who is a resident of Labu Keley has collided with the Lorry at around 3.30 p.m in the afternoon while trying to board a bus bound to Kandy from Nuwara Eliya.

The body of the pregnant mother has been kept at the Kothmale Hospital

While the police have arrested the Lorry driver in connection with the accident, Kothmale Police are conducting further investigations into the incident.

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