Sathyagraha against Kolonnawa garbage dump attacked


A certain gang assaulted the group engaged in the sathyagraha last night against the mound formed by garbage dumped by the Colombo Municipal Council.

Six persons including two women wounded in the assault were admitted to the Colombo National Hospital for treatment.

The People’s Movement against Kolonnawa Garbage Mound had organised a protest walk against the Meetotumulla garbage mound last night.

The agitators who commenced their protest near the Meetotumulla Rahula College later came close to the road leading to the mound and engaged in the protest.

Organiser of  People’s Movement against Kolonnawa Garbage Mound, Nuwan Bopagey expressing his views on the occasion said that although during the election season different politicians made promises, they had been mere promises only.

Subsequently a Colombo Municipal Councillor arriving at the site of the protest, said that a committee comprising four secretaries of the Ministry would be appointed for solving the problem.

But since no definite notion was given about the time frame of solving the problem, the protesters took steps to launch a sathyagraha.

However a certain gang came to the location of the protest last night and assaulted the group engaged in the satyagraha.

Police media spokesman’s office said that when a group including Kolonnawa Urban Council mayor Raveendra Udayashaantha arrived at the location an altercation cropped up between the two groups.

While subsequently it developed into a clash, both parties lodged complaints at the Wellampitiya police.

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