Officials look for restaurant owner who sold hoppers at 40 Rupees each in Kataragama


The Kataragama police has launched a special operation in search of shop owners who had sold food items at high prices to pilgrims who had gone for worship at Kataragama during the long weekend.

The Kataragama police also requests for information if any, about such shop owners.

A very large number of pilgrims arrived at Kataragama for worship during the long weekend.

 However information was also reported about goods being sold to the pilgrims at high prices.

A special case in point was the sale of the 10 to 15 rupee hoppers at prices between 40 to 50 rupees.

Reports say that bottles of cool drinks and mineral water too were sold at high prices.

There are about 300 holiday lodges around the Kataragama sacred precincts.

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