Sri Pada season begins


5 emergency contact numbers have been introduced by the police headquarters for devotees on pilgrimage to Sri Pada.

Accordingly, devotees travelling from Hatton, Norton bridge- Nalanthiya area could inform of emergency situations to the police via the contact numbers 052 20 555 22,052 20 555 00 and 071 85 911 22.

Additionally those traveling from the Ratnapura area could contact the police through the numbers 045 223 22 22 and 071 85 913 85 in case of an emergency.

Meanwhile, the police media spokespersons office noted that police checkpoints have been established in the Gangula-thenna, Rathu Ambalama, Indikatupana, Udamaluwa, Pawanella, Palabadda, Heramiti-paana and Adavikanda areas for the safety of the devotees.

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