Like Father Like Daughter: Thuggery At Its Peak; Youth was Kidnapped In MP Hirunika’s Defender At Broad Day Light and Assaulted


The police have launched an investigation to find out whether Parliamentarian (MP) Hirunika Premachandra is involved in the incident where a youth was abducted in broad day light in Dematagoda and assaulted. The defender in connection with the abduction incident has already been confirmed to be belonging to parliamentarian (MP)Hirunika Premachandra. The abducted person is stating that those who abducted him were parliamentarian (MP) Hirunika Premachandra’s body guards.

A 34 year old resident of Gothatuwa area named Amila Priyanga Amarasinghe who was employed at a drapery store in Dematagoda was abducted (21) at around 2.30pm by a group who arrived in the said defender. The incident has been recorded in the CCTV camera fixed at the drapery store as well. An employee serving at the drapery store stated to HIRU News that the persons who entered the store carried out the abduction.