Health Ministry investigates on Ragama hospital labour room dispute


The Health Ministry has taken relavant measures to conduct an inquiry regarding the incident which took place yesterday at Ragama Teaching Hospital.

The Director of the Hospital Doctor Mahinda Samaranayake said that 2 Director Generals have already commenced the inquiry.

The Government Midwives Services Association stated that 11 midwives attached to the labour rooms of Ragama Teaching Hospital have been detained since the 26th of this month.

Later, a clash occurred when the junior staff and midwives tried to rescue the detained midwives yesterday.

Several Midwives, 7 Junior staff members as well as other 2 nurses who sustained injuries are currently receiving medical attention.

However, the nurses of the Ragama Teaching Hospital are still engaged in a trade union action.

The Chairman of Government Nursing Officers’ Association Saman Ratnapriya stated that even though they carry out essential services, the trade union action will not  be suspended until their safety is ensured.



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