Huge lake suddenly appears in the middle of Tunisian desert (Video)


A lake has mysteriously appeared suddenly in the middle of Tunisian desert. No scientific explanation has been forthcoming as yet for for ‘Gafsa Beach’, discovered by shepherds three weeks ago.

Authorities have issued a warning, according to a report in the Independent, that the water, which started off a crystalline blue and has since turned a murky green with algae, could be carcinogenic. However, a YouTube video uploaded shows Tunisians enjoying a swim in the new lake, escaping the current 40 degrees celsius heat.

“Some say that it is a miracle, while others are calling it a curse,” an international journalist reported. Some geologists believe seismic activity may have caused groundwater to rise to the surface by disrupting the water table. Observers estimate the water covers an area of about 2.6 acres and measures more than 50 feet at its deepest points.

Source: 24/7

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