A 28-Day-Old Baby Was Raped By A 25-Year-Old Man


Horrific as it may sound, impossible as it may seem or disgusting as it feels, some nightmares ghoulishly turn to reality.

Such is the case of the parents of a 28-day-old infant, from Bullandshahr in UP, who found their child in agony and bleeding profusely when they returned from voting in their local elections.

The infant was allegedly raped by a 25-year-old man in village Asif Nagla, under Khurja Dehat Police Station.

The incident took place on Saturday when parents of the 28-days-old girl child had gone to cast their vote for Gram Pradhan elections, foreign media reports.

On Sunday the victim was taken to a government hospital in Khurja by the parents where doctors seeing her condition referred to higher care center.

Local Police has filed an FIR against the absconded suspect, foreign media reports.

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