Vasudeva uses derogatory language for the second time in Parliament


United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) MP and former Minister of National LanguagesVasudeva Nanayakara was yesterday (01) accused of using un-parliamentary language.

Nanayakara had used un-parliamentary language on some ruling party Parliamentarians yesterday when they interrupted a privilege issue he raised with the Speaker.

During Parliament sittings yesterday, Parlaimentarian Nanayakara stated that a weekend newspaper had indicated that he was among the former Government members who had not returned his official residence.

Nanayakara rejected the allegations and demanded that the matter be taken up by the privileges committee.

However when he was speaking a few Government members continued to interrupt his speech and he reacted by using un-parliamentary language on them.

Government Parliamentarians objected to the language used and demanded that it be removed from the Parliament Hansard.

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