Wigneshwaran stressed over Northern lands


Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneshwaran states that it is unfair to give back only 600 acres of land out of the 7400acres of land which was lost by the Northern people. 

Northern municipal council has conducted a research on the difficulties faced by the people in the North regarding the lands.

The research report was handed over yesterday at the Jaffna library and while participating at the event the chief minister stated that the land crisis in the North province has aggravated since the government has acquired peoples lands to fulfill the government’s needs.

I think the possibilities of resettling a large number of people who were displaced by the war are lost. Although Heads of the Army and president including the concerned officials were produced with justifiable reasons, the land crisis still prevails.

The amount of land lost by the Northern people due to the war is 7400 acres. But the government has taken steps to give only 600 acres of land back to the people. A great injustice has been done. Today the Northern people have to put up a struggle to retrieve their lands.

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