Desk to work while lying


If standing desks just seem too much like hard work and you'd really prefer to stay in bed - Japan has the answer.

A new 'dozing desk' has gone on sale, allowing users to type on their laptop while lying in bed.

The contraption securely mounts a laptop above the user, and its legs can be moved to any position, transforming into a sofa desk and even a dinner table.

Made by Japanese firm Sanko, it has a top plate that rotates 360 degrees, while three joints on each leg allow it to be moved into the perfect position - even if you are lying down on the the job.

And if you're worried about the 'hot lap' caused by a laptop that's been on all day, don't worry - the dozing desk has fans built in to cool you and your laptop down.

The desk is going on sale this month in Japan for 8,980 yen (around US$90), according to Kotaku.

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