‘Let’s do this:’ White House fence jumper was on a mission


A man jumped the White House fence on Thursday afternoon while the first family was inside celebrating Thanksgiving.

Joseph Caputo, who was wearing an American flag around his shoulders, raised a binder in the air as he stood triumphantly on the White House lawn.

He scaled the fence with the binder clenched in his teeth at about 2:45 p.m., the Secret Service said.

A witness said Caputo was standing with other people visiting the White House compound when he rushed toward the fence carrying the binder.

“I just heard him take a big, deep breath and whisper to himself, ‘Alright, let’s do this,’ and he took off,” said Houston resident Victoria Pena. “It was chaotic. Everyone around us was
yelling and kids were crying. It was pretty unexpected.”

Caputo was immediately arrested. The White House was briefly placed on lockdown.

The brazen jumper wrote anti-government screeds on his Facebook page and hinted that he would use Thanksgiving to celebrate “self-government.”

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