Refugees sew lips in Greece-Macedonia border protest


Refugees stranded by recent decision by Balkan nations to screen refugees by country, not merit, go on hunger strike.

A group of refugees stranded at the Greece-Macedonia border have launched a hunger strike in protest against a filtering system by some Balkans countries which began days ago, rejecting those classed as "economic migrants".

The hunger strikers at the Idomeni border crossing are among thousands of asylum seekers now trapped at borders.

Images have been posted on social media showing several refugees, reportedly including Iranians and Kurds, sewing each other's lips shut with nylon and a needle.

Amid a sit-in attended by fellow asylum seekers, they protested against measures enacted on November 17 by four Balkan governments led by Slovenia, which blocked refugees that could not prove citizenship from Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq.

The rejection by Slovenia, Macedonia, Croatia and Serbia triggered a build-up of refugees at Balkan borders, including some from the priority nations but without papers.

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