Exam papers are prepared by humans or robots?


North central province education director Nirmala Ekanayaka states that in a country where faulty exam papers are prepared   it is not unusual for the provincial education department to make such errors.

When inquired by Hiru news she stated that the examination papers were prepared by humans and not by robots.

The reason for the north central provincial director’s statement was that our inquiry into the revelation by the Lanka teachers union that there were alphabetical and printing errors on many of the term test examination papers which were given yesterday.

They also revealed that the science and Sinhala literature question paper’s part 1 and 2 of grade 10 and 11 had the above errors. The Lanka teachers union’s general secretary Joseph Starlin stated that many errors were to be seen in accounting, information technology and English subjects’ question papers as well.

Many incidents of erroneous question papers and question papers being leaked were reported from the north central province in the previous years. 

He further stated that since legal actions are not been taken against such officials are the causes for such situations

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