CID calls on Auditing officer who discovered RADA corruption


The officer attached to the Auditor General’s Department, H.M.K. Herath who discovered the 169 million rupees fraud of Reconstruction and Development Agency appeared before the Crime Investigation Department today.

Speaking to our news team, he stated that he was summoned to the CID to make a statement with regards to misplacing certain documents connected to the fraud investigations.

The special investigation unit of the police headquarters is also conducting an investigation to the fraud and corruption committed by RADA in initiating a Tsunami housing scheme in 2006.

Chief Executive Officer of RADA, Saliya Wickramasuriya was arrested on May 12, and later released on bail.

Police recorded a statement from the Secretary to the former president Lalith Weeratunga in connection with the RADA fraud and corruption incident on May 13th.

Meanwhile another police investigation is being carried out on allegations against RADA authorities as some funds they collected had been given to an LTTE intelligence leader Emil Khanthan.  The funds were raised to provide shelter for victims of the Tsunami that ht in the North and the East.

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