Thousands protest over murdered Hazaras


About 2,000 people have protested in the eastern Afghan city of Ghazni against the killing of seven civilians by militants.

The murdered Hazaras included four men, one woman and two girls. Some had their throats slit - it is not clear by whom.

Their bodies were found at the weekend in southern Zabul province where fighting between rival Taliban factions has escalated over the last few days.

One group claims to have launched a rare suicide attack on the other.

The protests in Ghazni saw huge crowds march through the city as the coffins were driven through the streets.

Protesters chanted slogans against the Taliban and the Islamic State group and demanded better protection from the government.

Ghazni has a large population of minority Hazaras who are mostly Shia Muslims. But unlike in neighbouring Pakistan they have been largely spared attacks by Sunni militants in recent years.

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