Prisoners with death sentence demand leniency


A group of detainees at the Pallekaley, Dumbara Prison and the Welikada Prison have launched a fast requesting that the death sentence be made lenient.

The detainees at the Pallekaley ,Dumbara Prison began the fast two days ago.

A prison spokesman told our news team that about 115 death-sentenced detainees were participating in the fast.

Meanwhile several death-sentenced Welikada detainees also have climbed to the prison roof and commenced a protest.

Prisons Commissioner General Rohana Pushpakumara visited the Palleykaley, Dumbara Prison yesterday to meet detainees engaged in the fast.

During the discussion the detainees had requested that the death sentence imposed on them be reduced to a 20-year prison term.

The Prisons Commissioner said further that steps also would be taken to hand over a letter he had received from the detainees to the President and the Prime Minister. 

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