Mother and daughter ingest poison at Balangoda Temple - CCTV


An incident a mother committing suicide along with her 5 year old daughter by drinking poison was reported from Balangoda area.

The 28 year old mother died while the child is being treated at the Lady Ridgeway Hospital. 

It was recorded in the CCTV footage that the mother was writing a letter with her daughter opposite the temple situated in the Balangoda town on the (04) morning. And had consumed poison and given poison to her daughter as well.

The area residents have intervened and hospitalized them at the Balangoda Base Hospital.

The mother who died due to consuming poison is a resident of Balangoda –Kahapitiya named Wickramaarachchige Chathurika Gayani. The five year old girl who faced the incident Rishini Prabhasha was transferred to Colombo Lady Ridgeway Hospital from Balangoda base hospital. The hospital director stated that her situation is yet to be stable.

The letter had stated that she has decided to commit suicide along with her daughter on her b’day and not to save them.

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