Bleak truth behind Daskon set


Jackson Anthony in collaboration with a leading channel in Sri Lanka is directing a new tele-drama after a long time.

Indian beauty Pooja Umashankara is to play the main role in this new tele drama 'Daskon', which is based on historical love story of Daskon and Pramila.

It is the first occasion Pooja playing a role in a local tele-drama.

Roshan Ravindra gives life to the role of 'Daskon'.

While the actors of the tele-drama are well treated the technical crew and other supportive staff of the production however receives minimal treatment, learns .

It is reported that the Production Manager has quit the project even before the tele-drama is telecasted. He has contributed to massive creations such as 'Mahathala Satana' and 'Ehelepola Kumarihami' as the Production Manager.

He has thus left the production following an instruction received to arrange two separate dinning tables for the actors and technicians behind the screen.

The difference between the two dining tables is while acting crew was provided with chicken biryani the technicians behind the screen who handle a heavy workload were served normal dishes with rice.

The said Production Manager has thus quit the tele-drama claiming that the particular action is against his conscience, therefore he cannot do it.

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