Pressure on Minister Thilak Marapana who had appeared on behalf of Avant Gaurd to resign


The Puravaesi Balaya says that Law, Peace and Prisons Reforms Minister Thilak Maarapana who appeared as the lawyer for the corruption-charged company Avant Garde should resign from his post.

The Puravaesi Balaya said further that Avant Garde was an epitome of the former government’s corrupt culture, and that a person who justifies that company should not hold a Minister post.

It is stated in the communiqué issued by the Puravaesi Balaya that before the image of the Government is tarnished, Minister responsible for Law and Peace, Thilak Maarapana should resign from his post.

Law, Peace and Prisons Reforms Minister Thilan Maarapana stated in parliament recently that there was no reason sufficient for charging Avant Garde.

However Puravaesi Balaya’s co-convener Saman Ratnapriya said that if Avant Garde investigations could not be carried out further, Minister Thilak Maarapana should resign.


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