Main opposition requests the government to act efficiently to find the abducted boy


The main opposition United National Party (UNP) yesterday urged the government to take immediate action to find the four year old boy who had been abducted from Meegalawa.

A statement issued by the party said the government should take concrete steps in order to arrest the disturbing trend of crime.

“The situation had got so bad today it had become unsafe for small child a man or a woman to stay in his or her house safely,” the statement said.
It had been found out that five children were being molested daily in this country and it had been revealed that there was a political connection in most of these incidents, the statement said.

The party said this trend could be arrested if the rulers of this country had a desire to do so.

The UNP also stressed that the police and the judiciary should be allowed to function freely so that effective steps could be taken to stop the increasing crime.

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