Lower body part of a woman found from an atoll in Kalpitiya


A part of a woman’s lower body which had been severed has been found on an island in Kalpitiya – Puttalam.

Police said the lower half of a woman’s body which had been dumped in a fertilizer sack had been washed ashore at Erambudhuwa and found on information received from a fisherman.

The identity of the dead woman has not been discovered as yet.

Police suspect that this part of a dead body had been brought about a week ago.

The upper section of the body has not yet been found and Kalpitiya Police have commenced investigations to find the missing part.

Meanwhile a husband in Muthugala, Giriulla and Kurunegala has assaulted his wife with an iron pole and killed her.

The dead woman is a 28 year old resident in Dambadeniya.

The Police Media Spokesman’s office said that this murder had taken place owing to a family quarrel.

The husband has been taken into custody in relation to the murder.


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