Ebola so far not a threat to SL


While maintaining that the possibility of a tourist carrying the deadly Ebola Virus entering Sri Lanka was slim, Government Epidemiology Unit (GEU) Director Dr. Prabha Palihawadana said Sri Lanka was capable of tackling such an emergency.

“The Ebola Virus was first detected in Congo in 1976 and the extremely fatal virus has now spread to Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea-Bissau and some other parts of the world. However, since tourist arrivals are minimum from this part of the world, the risk of Ebola Virus entering the country is also minimal,” Dr. Palihawadana said.

She said Sri Lanka possessed medical facilities, drugs and medical expertise to meet any possible threat of Ebola Virus. The first action to take on detection of a patient with Ebola Virus was to take she or him to the nearest medical facility and isolate the patient.

Ebola virus does not transmit through air but through blood or sexual intercourse. Therefore, it is not difficult to keep the Ebola Virus away, she added.

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