Police Arrest a thief utilizing GPS Technology with the Help of a Chinese Couple


The Hatton police have been able to apprehend a thief within few hours who stole the hand bag of a Chinese couple who boarded the “Udarata Manike” train which travelled from Colombo fort to Badulla.

The Chinese couple had arrived in the island on the 28th of last month and while traveling to Nanu Oya in the above train from the Peradeniya Railway station with a lady travel guide on the 2nd of this month and the couple’s hand bag has been stolen by the thief and evaded when the train was nearing Hatton Rosalla Railway Station.

The couple along with the guide had lodged a complaint at the Hatton police station on the same day.

The police were able to track the bag on the couple’s instigation using GPS technology, since the bag contained a mobile phone which could be tracked.

The police along with the couple and the guide came to Grandpas where the GPS signals indicated the location of the bag.

The couple has appreciated the police team who found their handbag and has stated that they would inform the co-operation received in this regard to the embassy of their country.

The police states that the arrested suspect was a resident of Ampitiya area in Kandy and was in hiding at a friend’s place in Grandpas at the time of arrest.

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