75 persons including President and Prime Minister issued notices with regard to a tender


The Supreme Court decided yesterday to take up for hearing the petition filed against the tender procedure for supplying coal to the Puttalam Norochcholai coal plant.

A Singapore Company has filed the petition charging that the relevant tender has been granted in violation of tender procedure.

The company called Noble Resources had stated that their fundamental rights had been violated by this.

The petition alleges that while they had submitted tender papers for supplying coal at the rate of 90 million rupees per metric tonne, the tender has been granted to the company called Swiss Singapore that submitted the tender papers for supplying coal at the rate of 101 million rupees per metric tonne.

The petitioner had named the Lanka Coal Company and the cabinet as the respondent party in the case.

While the petition was considered before a three-member supreme court bench comprising Chief Justice K. Shripavan, Priyantha Jayawardhana and Anil Gunaratne, the bench issued notice to 75 persons including the President and the Prime Minister.

The Supreme Court has decided to take up the case for hearing again on 18th December.

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