It is 1 year today since the Meeriyabadda – Koslanda land slide


It is one year today since the Meeriyabaedda landslide in Koslanda occurred.

The landslide took place between 9.15 and 9.30 a.m. on 29th October last year in coincidence with heavy rains experienced in the area.

Subsequently 13 bodies of persons killed in the mishap were recovered.

While a 700-soldier army regiment joined the operation of search for the disappeared, the Government stopped the operation for the search of the disappeared 12 days after the occurrence of the  landslide.

That was because of the written requests of the relatives of the disappeared persons.

However although today it is one year since the occurrence of the landslide, 321 persons belonging to 74 families still live in camps for the displaced.

About a few  days after the landslide an old tea factory in Punaagala in Meeriyabaedda in Koslanda was set apart for the displaced.

The reporters said that the displaced were still living in the same tea factory.  

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