Suspects in the killing of the Anuradhapura night club owner identified


Police have identified the suspects of the murder of a night club owner in Anuradhapura.

Police media spokesperson office stated that 5 police teams have been deployed to arrest the suspects.

Police recovered a mask and gloves used by the suspects who killed the night club owner Wasantha Soysa day before yesterday in Anuradhapura.

The police stated that the mask and the gloves were recovered near the North Central provincial council building.

An unidentified group who entered a night club in Anuradhapura around 11.45 pm day before yesterday has killed its owner by assaulting with swords and clubs.

The 57 year old victim who is also a Karate champion succumbed to his injuries after admitting to the Anuradhapura Teaching hospital.

Police media spokesperson office stated that around 20 masked men had arrived to carry out the assault.

It is also reported that the manager and 2 employees of the night club who received injuries are currently receiving treatment at the Anuradhapura teaching hospital.

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