No report under Desmond Silva’s name


Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe reiterated in parliament this morning that there is no report called Desmond de Silva with regard to missing persons during the war.

The premier made a statement in parliament before the debate on Geneva Human Rights Commission commenced.

Prime Minister Wickremesinghe said that Sir Desmond de Silva just assisted in the Maxwell Paranagama Commission.

Sir Desmond de Silva, Sir Jeffrey Nice and Professor David Crane had been appointed to the Maxwell Paranagama Commission in the capacity of advisors.

The Premier said that he talked to Sir Desmond de Silva this morning and quoted Sir Desmond de Silva as saying that there is no Commission under his name.

However Sir Desmond de Silva has told that several documents which had been in his possession were stolen later.

The Premier said that if somebody attempts to present a Desmond de Silva report to parliament, that attempt should be foiled as the stolen documents could also be included in such a report.

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