Action to be taken against several diplomatic officials of the foreign Ministry


The Government sources state that the Foreign Ministry has decided to transfer a group of its top officials to different state institutions.

The ministry has given as reasons: disclosing state secrets, failure to follow state protocol and inefficiency in the part of these top officials.

It is reported that this decision has been taken after lengthy discussions among the President, the Prime Minster and the Foreign Minister.

The same sources stated that corruption charges have been made against certain officers in this group, and attention has been drawn to initiate investigations on such charges.

Meanwhile, it has also been decided to call back several diplomatic officials attached to Sri Lankan foreign missions abroad. 

Many of such officials had been appointed to positions in Sri Lankan Embassies and High Commissions out of the Sri Lankan Foreign Service.

The President, the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minster have discussed to replace such non-diplomatic officials with Sri Lankan diplomatic service officers.

33 ambassadors and high commissioners have already been called back and the vacated positions were replaced with new diplomats after President Maithreepala Sirisena was elected to power on January 8th this year.

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