Darusman report is challenged by Paranagama report


The Chairman of Maxwell Paranagama Commission and Retired High Court Judge Maxwell Paranagama states that certain facts included in the Dharusman Commission report are incorrect. 

The Dharusman Commission was appointed by UN Secretary General Ban-ki Moon.

Retired Judge Paranagama said that certain facts have been included to the Dharusman Report without conducting any investigation.

The Maxwell Commission Report Chairman said that according to Darusman Report, 40 thousand civilians died in the last phase of the war but that death toll has been included to the report without any solid evidence or concrete basis.

Retired High Court Judge Paranagama expressed these views when our news team asked his comment on the Paranagama Report which was tabled in parliament yesterday.

In addition to Paranagama Report, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe tabled Nissanka Udalagama report as well as the Geneva report in parliament yesterday.

The Maxwell Paranagama Commission was appointed by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa in 2013 to probe the missing persons. It was tasked to probe whether any international human rights were violated during the last phase of the war.

In addition the Nissanka Udalagama Commission was appointed in 2009 to probe 16 assassinations incidents during the war.

The Paranagama report states that the LTTE should be held responsible for the majority of civilian deaths during the war.  At the same time, the Paranagama report states that the LTTE used over 300 thousand civil population as a human shield in its effort to strengthen their war strategies, and furthering their tactics to assassinate them at the last stage.


This commission report has recommended implementing an efficient mechanism to find out about the missing persons under several stages.


Retired Judge Paranagama said that a special Court should be set up to hear the cases against the suspects who are currently under detention. 


He has also recommended appointing a truth commission as well.



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