Charges against Chicago dad after 6-year-old shoots 3-year-old


Israel LaSalle was making Kool-Aid for his 6-year-old and 3-year-old grandsons when he heard the sound of something popping downstairs, where the children were.

Police say the boys were playing "cops and robbers" when the older boy grabbed a gun that was wrapped in pajama pants and stowed on top of a refrigerator. The gun went off, hitting the toddler in the head.

"I never knew that there was a gun in the house," said LaSalle, who lives upstairs from the family.

But he soon discovered that the popping sound was gunfire. Downstairs, he found his 3-year-old grandson Eian lying in a pool of blood.

Clutching Eian in his arms, the terrified grandfather took off running from his house to an emergency room steps away. But the wound was too grave.

Eian was pronounced dead. Now the boys' father, 25-year-old Michael Santiago, faces felony child endangerment charges. He was released from jail Monday after posting bail, CNN affiliate WGN reported. Authorities say the charges against him could grow.

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