Ananda Sangaree requests a thorough investigation


Tamil United Liberation Front’s (TULF) leader V. Ananda Sangari request the premiere Ranil wickramasinghe writing for a thorough investigation into the deaths of seven parliament members.

The thorough investigation in to the deaths of the following is requested.

Lakshman Kadirgamar, Kingley Rajanyagam, Arunachalam Thanga Dorey, Joseph Pararajasingham, Nadaraja Raviraj, T.Maheshwaran and D.M.Dassanayaka.

However it was reported the other day that the premiere has decide to appoint a committee to look into the deaths of parliament members.

The prime minister’s office reports that the committee is to be appointed under the parliament rights and Privileges Act. The main focus of the committee is to monitor the progress of the investigations.

Meanwhile the investigation into the death of parliamentarian Joseph Pararajasingham which  is already in progress  by the crime investigation department and former governor for eastern province  Sivanesan Chandrakanthan alias “Pillayan”is already been arrested in this  connection.

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