People SHOULD NOT sling mud at others DOWNFALL says Suleka


The familiar Tele Drama artist of these days Suleka Jayawardena state that people should not sling mud at others downfall while at a conversation with Hiru Gossip.
She says she is currently working on five tele dramas. And she does not do an anything special to maintain her beauty except dieting.
And she informed that a film which she acted has been released recently.
She is yet to find a partner in life and hopes for a very understanding and loving person.
She further stated that when someone commits a mistake the parents should not be condemned for the child’s behavior.
She also mentioned she has received immense support from the experts in the acting field and she maintains an arms distance with everyone.
On inquiring of her family she mentioned that her mother is a banker and her father is abroad while she lives here with her mother and grandmother.
Interviewed By – Sachini Kodithuwakku

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