Simply by instigating the public the water reserves cannot be protected


The environmental society points out that simply by instigating the public the water reserves cannot be preserved and they also noted that the law pertaining to the excrement of waste to the water reserves by the industries and the general public are not dealt in the same criteria.

The police naval squad arrested 23 residents of Moratumulla and Hekiththa area in connection with polluting the water reserves the other day. When Hiru news contacted the environment conservation director and environmentalist Sajeewa Chamira stated that the environment cannot be preserved only by implementing the law.

Provincial institutions should take up the responsibility of safeguarding the water reserves states central environment directorate.

Its president Lal Dharmasiri stated that the yearly subscription of license will only be given to those who fulfill the necessary criteria. However the preservation of the environment also lies in the hands of the Sri Lankan police and it is in full attention to carry out its duties at any given time states police media spokesman Ruwan Gunasekara

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