Chaos at the Higurakgoda fare


A commotion erupted at the Hingurakgoda fare which is to be opened today (16).

The vendors disputed over allocation of space for their stalls.

The new market complex is situated at close proximity to the entrance of   Hingurakgoda town. The vendors staged a protest yesterday stating the allocation of space for the stalls are complicated.

The majority of them were vendors who were stall holders of the old market complex and residents of Pollonnaruwa, Minneriya and Jayanthipura areas.

The police intervened into the commotion which arose with the protest. The Hingurakgoda provincial council officials cleared the market complex and allotted space for the vendors by taking them into the market complex one at a time.

However certain vendors stated to Hiru news that the allocation of space for stalls were not justifiable. The new market complex at Hingurakgoda will be opened for the public today afternoon by President Maithripal Sirisena.

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