Horrifying moment a newborn baby is found [video]


This is the horrifying moment a tiny baby was found alive inside a black bin bag with its umbilical cord still attached.

The footage shows a group of men and women helping the newborn after discovering it inside the bag at the side of the road.
To their surprise, the baby is alive and spreads out its arms as it is picked up by a Good Samaritan.
A woman in a pink tracksuit is filmed putting on a pair of plastic cleaning gloves before ripping open the bag containing the infant.
Another lays out a piece of fabric for the baby to be placed on after it was carefully removed.

As the newborn is lifted, it become apparent that not only the umbilical cord, but also the placenta remain attached.
The women wrap the baby in the material alongside the placenta and carry it to safety.
It is not known where the video was shot, although it is believed to be in the Philippines.

On Tuesday, the body of newborn was found inside a bin in Cape Town, South Africa, according to foreign sources.
A police spokesman said the body was found by a council cleaner.
In China, abandonment has been encouraged by the one-child policy and a traditional bias for sons, who support elderly parents and continue the family name, has led to the abandonment of girls.
Every year, tens of thousands of parents across the world abandon one or more of their children.

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