Govt. to implement “Punarudaya” National Programme to creat a sustainable environment


“Punarudaya”national programme for environmental conservation (2016 - 2018) has been prepared with the view of creating a sustainable environment in Sri Lanka, with the contribution of all the relevant parties and it is expected to provide solutions for the major environmental issues within a period of three years, Cabinet Spokesman Dr. Rajitha Senaratne said while addressing the weekly cabinet press briefing held at the Government Information Department Auditorium today (15).

According to the Minister it is expected to provide solutions for the following major environmental issues


(i).Control the environmental pollution

    • Establishment of a proper waste management at year 2018 through “Nikasala Lanka” national programme.
    • Waste management in urban council and pradeshiya sabha areas under the “Nikasala Purawara” programme.
    • Establishment of a tree planting to 15km from the coast through “Haritha Werala” programme.
    • Making the sea around Sri Lanka a pollution free area at year 2018 under the “Sunila Sayura” programme.
    • Prevention of air pollution in Sri Lankan cities and villages under the “Pirisidu Vayu – Digayu” programme.
    • Providing clean water for everyone through the programme “Janadivi rakina – Jala rekavarana”.


(ii).Forest Conservation and Development

  • Increasing the forest cover from 6000 hectares under the “Wana Ropa” national programme.
  • Surveying and conservation of 6000km/25,000 hectares of forest under “Wana Arana Rekavarana” programme’
  • Development of the Environmental Tourism through “Wana Sarana” programme.


(iii).Sustainable Land Management

  • Prevention of soil erosion and land erosion in Sri Lanka through the programme “Haayana – Saayana”.
  • Conservation of water resources through “Kshema Bhumi” water resources conservation programme.
  • Establishment of 05 climate friendly cities under the “Saara Nagara” programme.
  • Establishment of fifty (50) climate adoptive villages overall Sri Lanka that can face the climate changes.


(iv).Conflict between wild animals and humans


    • Implementation of “Janawarana Rekawarana” programme for the creation of coexistence zones without elephant-human conflicts.


(v).Conservation of Bio Resources


  • Control of bio resources smuggling through “Jaiwa Sampath harana – varana” programme.
  • Protection of five (05) wildlife species that are in a threat under the “Vanajeewi Punarjanana” programme.


(vi).Promotion and restructuring of institutions related to environmental conservation


    • Establishment of “Environmental Forces” covering all Districts/ Divisional Secretariat Divisions/ villages in Sri Lanka.
    • Enforcement of “Environmental Police”, Establishment of the National Council on Environmental Conservation.
    • Implementation of “Jana Andaheraya” programme with the view of informing the public on environmental issues and to obtain their contribution in searching solutions for those issues.


It is being estimated that this three year programme will cost Rs. 22,547 million. The Proposal made by the President Maithripala Sirisena, to implement the said programme with effect from the month of October 2015, was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, minister added.

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